Safety Tips for Female Travellers

Female Traveller

When women are travelling alone they are at a higher risk than when they are accompanied by their male companions or travelling in a group. This article will give you some tips that can help keep you safe during your travels.

  1. Stay confident

You should always ensure that you look confident even when you know that you are lost. Never let other people know that you are nervous as they are more likely to take advantage.

  1. Dress down

When you wear very short skirts and dresses you will attract the attention of men and not all of them are gentlemen. When choosing an outfit to go out, be it day or night, you should ensure you consider you environment and the norms of the people there. Choosing the right outfit will help you blend into your surroundings and not pull too much attention to you.

  1. Don’t over drink

It is fun to go out for drinks and bond with other travelers and locals but never overdo it. When you are intoxicated you are more vulnerable to danger especially if you are travelling alone. You should know your drink limit and don’t exceed your limit especially when in a foreign place. Most importantly never accept drinks from strangers because you can never know what is in it.

  1. Get fit

It is important to ensure that you start a workout regiment before you travel. Exercising will not only improver your travel experience as you will be able in more activities without getting tired, but you will also be able to ward of an attack in case it happens. It is also important to continue with your exercises even when you are on your travels.

  1. Avert attention

Avoid engaging in any action that will draw attention to you. Do not wear expensive jewelry or flashing too much cash when you are out and about. Try to maintain a low profile throughout your trip to reduce your risk factor.

  1. Wear a fake ring

When you get to some countries you realize that the men are quite aggressive and forward. As a female who is travelling alone you are at a higher risk of getting harassed. You can wear a fake wedding ring when you are out in town to discourage anyone who might want to hit on you as they will assume that you are probably there with your spouse.

  1. Stay alert

You should always be aware of your surroundings no matter where you are. This will help you sense when there is danger and also know how to avert them. You should always keep your belongings close to you and keep your valuables such as camera, phone and money hidden. As a single female traveler you will always be targeted.

  1. Group walk

When going out at night it is important to join a group of other visitors from your hotel. Never walk on the streets alone as your probability of getting attacked will be really high.


Safety especially on travels is critical for everyone, but more so for women who are generally vulnerable and can make for easy targets. These tips should give you a head start for your safety as you travel the world to different locations and as you interact with varied cultures and people.

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